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Piotr Piekarniak MSc
BTEC Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist
(Oxford School of Sports Massage)


There is something extraordinary in helping others. We all can do it in a variety of ways. I found my calling in massage and bodywork - in reducing pain and generally supporting the well-being of my clients.

Armed Forces, Police and Firefighters - Modern Warriors - dedicate their lives to defend, protect and rescue others. It is not just a job, and you don’t just switch off when you leave your base/station.

People always rely on you, and you must always be ready - physically and mentally. And at the same time, you want to be a loving and a caring friend, partner and parent. The transition between those two worlds may be difficult.

Myself being a son and brother of Armed Forces officers, I know the price one has to pay for being in the line of duty. I understand.

By providing soft tissue therapy, I can help you keep your body injury-free (or accelerate recovery) and regain a calm mind - drop physical and mental tension.

This means a lot to me.


Piotr is a great soft tissue therapist, he takes time and precision to provide a great service to his clients. He’s assessed my body + my lifestyle (sports, gym, etc) to provide a truly bespoke service. Couldn’t recommend him more highly!
— Sopzey from Abingdon, 15 March 2019
It’s more than a massage, it’s a specialist treatment that assesses your body’s weaknesses and helps to improve your quality of life. Piotr gave me some invaluable advice on my lower back and neck problems. I fully appreciate his knowledge and advice and would recommend his services!
— Patrycja from Whitchurch Hill, 8 March 2019
Piotr is a fantastic soft tissue massage therapist. He is really lovely and instantly put me at ease. His knowledge is superb and he has helped me significantly with relatively complex musculoskeletal issues. If he’s not 100% sure about something he will research the topic so he can offer you the best treatment possible. I would strongly recommend him.
— Lizzie from Wallingford, 1 January 2019
Piotr is a highly knowledgeable and wonderful massage therapist. I was lucky enough to be one of his first clients and from the start he put me at ease and taught me all about why my body is a complex mess of knots! I highly recommend using Body Links. As a rugby player I have had my fair share of sports massages and I can confidently say that Piotr is by far the best.
— Rosie from Abingdon, 22 October 2018
Piotr Piekarniak is a very skilful and knowledgeable soft tissue massage therapist. He’s wonderful to deal with and puts his skills as an engineer to work out just how to deal with a patient and their issues. He also has a very comfortable massage table. Highly recommended!
— Julia from Wantage, 4 December 2018