what should I wear for the treatment?

All you need is:
- shorts and bra for women*
- shorts for men

* Please wear a non-sports bra, so it can be undone at the back while still in place on your front. It allows for unrestricted upper back massage.

Please bear in mind that a small amount of the massage oil can get onto your shorts and bra. The oils I use are of the highest quality - made for the best possible massage experience and health benefits. However, I cannot guarantee they will wash off completely (although I have never had this problem myself).

I’ve heard that sports massage is painful. Is this true?

Sports massage is the core of the soft tissue therapy. It means that some level of discomfort is required while applying some special techniques.

However, you should never feel pain. Soft tissue therapist tend to use 1-10 scale of discomfort with the clients. '1’ means you that the pressure you feel is close to nothing . On the other end of the scale, ‘10’ means that you find the pressure unbearably unpleasant. For those techniques where high pressure is needed, the right level is ‘7’ on this scale. Going beyond it does not make sense as your body will go into protection mode and tense. This is not only unpleasant but also counterproductive.

The perception of discomfort is VERY personal. What might be ‘5’ for one person, could be ‘9’ or ‘3’ to another. When working with new clients, I start very gently and learn their reaction. On the other hand, my clients learn to trust me and relax muscles.

Soft tissue therapy is always done WITH YOU, and not TO YOU. Your feedback during treatment is invaluable.

Ideally, it would be 3m x 4m (10ft x 13ft) of free space. This allows for setting up the massage table and good access all around it for the best treatment.

In many cases a smaller space can be accommodated as well. Please discuss it with me before the treatment.

How much space is required?

For your comfort, the space should be warm and quite. No-one should be entering this space during treatment (besides a chaperone, if you decide to have one with you).

Ideally, non-ceiling light should be available, so you could comfortably lay face up.

Are there any special REQUIREMENTS for the treatment space?


Still have some questions? Please get in touch and I will explain it further.