Safeguarding Policy

  1. All clients, regardless of their perceived vulnerability, are allowed to bring with them a person to witness the treatment (‘chaperone’). No explanation or prior notice is required to be given to the therapist.

  2. If the client is a child under the age of 16 or from a legal point of view might be considered a vulnerable adult, a chaperone must be present during every assessment and treatment session. In such a case, the chaperone must be an adult with parental responsibilities or another person who in the light of the law is responsible for the well-being of the client.

  3. A chaperone for a vulnerable person is required to stay with the client during the entire length of assessment and treatment session and is not allowed to leave the client with the therapist alone. In case of a chaperone leaving the treatment room during a session (e.g. to have a phone call), the session will stop immediately, and the therapist will leave the room as well. Upon return of the chaperone, the treatment session will be resumed - providing sufficient time in the treatment time slot is available.

  4. Treatment of a child or a vulnerable person can only proceed with consent from both - the person and the chaperone. The consent may be withdrawn at any time, and this will terminate a given treatment session.

  5. In some circumstances, the therapist may insist on client bringing a chaperone to the treatment session, even if the client is not perceived as a vulnerable person.

  6. Any communication between a child or vulnerable person and the therapist shall only be made via a chaperone or other person legally responsible for the care of the person.

  7. In case of concern over the conduct of the therapist, the client or their chaperone should express their worry to the therapist as soon as possible (ideally during the session, and followed up by a written enquiry sent to Hopefully, the issue can be resolved quickly. Further advice on that matter can be provided by Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council